Crazykid's Cherokee Indian Art Fine Bone Horn Hairpipe Chokers and Necklaces!

Native American Bone horn Hairpipe chokers, Pewter pendant necklaces on leather cord, Arrowhead necklaces and many more.
4 row chokers, 2 row chokers, 1 row chokers. All items come with Authenticity tag with roll number and other info for your records.

Cherokee Indian White Bone Choker Necklace Native American $59.95

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This 4 row choker is approximately 13 inches long not including ties.It has 1-1/2" inch and 1" inch white bone, 6mm turquoise round beads, 6mm hematite round beads(hematite beads look like shiny black metal but there stone.. they are very nice looking beads.),and 6mm silver plated brass beads. It has Tan leather spacers and ends.

The leather in my chokers are cow hide suede. Nice tuff and thick leather but soft at the same time. Just take a good look and you can see how tight I put these chokers together. There not loose and falling out of place. I take pictures of them standing up on there own. Any other choker would probably fall over. There strung tight. Which means less rubbing on the sinew. Which means longer lasting chokers and bracelets.

My chokers DO NOT have plastic, glass, fiberglass or any type of fake beads. These are from Earth and Animal beads only. If you have any question on the beads please email me.

My chokers and bracelets DO NOT have metal wire or elastic string that break easy. There made of artificial sinew. Very strong threads all linked together.."Sinew is tendon from a buffalo or other animal"

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Price US $59.95

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